We are both ordained ministers, primarily teaching internationally in established Bible schools.  Both of us graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, OK; John in 1988 and Eileen in 1989. 


For 5 years we volunteered in a women’s prison in Oklahoma, teaching Sunday school once a week. 


From 1994-1999 we pastored a church in NE Alabama.


For many years before entering the mission field, John continued his business as an electrical contractor, and Eileen continued her work as a nurse.


In 1999 we started taking mission trips to Asia, eventually moving there and spending most of the year in Thailand.  We would help other ministries by teaching classes in their Bible Schools, as well as going on outreaches in villages. 


After 12 years of working in SE Asia, mostly in Thailand and neighboring countries, we felt we should travel out from the USA, and expand our trips into other countries.


In 2012 we taught not only in Thailand and Burma but also Spain and Colombia.


We have several ministry opportunities with Native American communities. 


We have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, and have enjoyed spending more time with them.

John & Eileen Fethkenher

Bangkok, Thailand

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